Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Posting again

I have begun posting again after an absence of about three years. If you are wondering why I didn’t post for so long, all I can tell you is this: it was a lot of work to get the website up, and once it was up, I think I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. Perhaps, for this blog, I now have a better idea.

The website is down, for good; perhaps we will create a new one someday. I don’t say we in the old royal sense, but am referring to my wife Nora and myself. It is down because the software used to create it (a version of Dreamweaver) became obsolete. We’re talking about a span of about four years, not the duration between the invention of the printing press and the internet, or even between the steam engine and the internal combustion engine. May it please God that gravity does not become obsolete. 

I’ll be posting reproductions of paintings from recent years and from the more distant past, along with my comments about them, and I hope to do it on a regular basis. You are entitled to believe it when you see it.  I’ll also be proselytizing about the Catholic faith, hopefully persuasively. I and no one else will moderate any comments that are submitted. Anything that is submitted anonymously, contains profanity or is not presented respectfully, will not be considered; so if you are a crank, don’t waste your time. You may grind your ax in your own garage. Hunker down; mind that, in haste and passion to hack, you don’t mar the temper of your metal.

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